Tuesday 28 December 2010

The memory lingers on

I have had a wonderful time with my family this Christmas . They do live in another part of England to me so it is a complete change . Everyone puts in such a lot of work to make it a memorable time . It was lovely . Also one of my grandsons announced his engagement to Stacy

I came home with lots of gifts and 2 new recipes . One is for a baked cheesecake the other for an unusual pastry containing vinegar but it was really crumbly and delicious

I have to sit and sort out what needs transferring into the 2011 diary , why does that always seem such a chore.


  1. So pleased you had a happy time with your family ,yes I know just what you mean about changing facts in your diary ,I now use a small filofax ,makes life so much easier ,you just buy the pages for the new year ,and address's and other details stay the same ...love Jan xx

  2. I am so glad that you had a wonderfult time Christmas and lots of goodies too. It is good you do a journal...Hope you have a wonderful New Year!!

  3. Happy New Year.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I'll see yours slower
    Greetings from Spain
    Many kisses.

  4. First time visiting your blog.
    So I thought to say hi!
    And wishing you a wonderful 2011!
    By the way I have a lovely give-away going on.
    Please do stop by at my blog to find out more!


  5. Good morning! I was thinking about you this morning, seeing you hadn't posted here much lately and wondering if all was well or if you're snowed in again! And there you were posting on my blog. How nice to see you!
    Hugs to you and your pal Jilly! I'll bet you're both out having lunch somewhere! ;-)

  6. Thanks for leaving a message on my cat, Mandu's blog!

  7. In reply to feeling better before the tablet mix up came to light, well I didn't worse but now I'm taking them correctly I do feel better.....I don't know what that means. Glad to see you had a lovely time with your family.

  8. Oh My what beautiful work