Tuesday 28 December 2010

The memory lingers on

I have had a wonderful time with my family this Christmas . They do live in another part of England to me so it is a complete change . Everyone puts in such a lot of work to make it a memorable time . It was lovely . Also one of my grandsons announced his engagement to Stacy

I came home with lots of gifts and 2 new recipes . One is for a baked cheesecake the other for an unusual pastry containing vinegar but it was really crumbly and delicious

I have to sit and sort out what needs transferring into the 2011 diary , why does that always seem such a chore.

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Yarn over hook

My friend bluebell wants to crochet round the edges of a pair of pillowcases . She is a novice at crochet so she is embarking on an ambitious task . ( O if she would only hold the yarn correctly , she sort of knits with the retort " my mum used to do it like this")
I have sorted out some simple edgings that I didn,t use a pattern for . this way you can do what you fancy on each round . She wants to take this project with her on holiday next week . I will await her return with baited breath .

Cotton over Hook

My friend bluebell wants to crotchet on the edge of a pair of pillowcases . She is a novice at crotchet ( O if she would hold the cotton right , she sort of knits with the retort " well my mum did it like this") but nevertheless I have sorted out a few samples to see what she fancies . For these pieces I did not use a pattern , I just did what I fancied from row to row .
We decided t go out for lunch today at the garden centre , our salt pot wouldn,t give . the man on the next table was people watching , saw us looking on another table for a salt pot and said "you shouldn,t be having salt anyway" . Who ask his opinion ?