Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Cotton over Hook

My friend bluebell wants to crotchet on the edge of a pair of pillowcases . She is a novice at crotchet ( O if she would hold the cotton right , she sort of knits with the retort " well my mum did it like this") but nevertheless I have sorted out a few samples to see what she fancies . For these pieces I did not use a pattern , I just did what I fancied from row to row .
We decided t go out for lunch today at the garden centre , our salt pot wouldn,t give . the man on the next table was people watching , saw us looking on another table for a salt pot and said "you shouldn,t be having salt anyway" . Who ask his opinion ?


  1. Oh how cheeky of him ,what was your reply ?I was taught to hold the hook like a soup spoon .. ...love Jan xx

  2. Your crotchet is beautiful.

    I agree with you about the salt....who asked him?

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment.


  3. Kathleen, hi! About the Cuttlebug...yes, the cost is high. I bought mine with a coupon. I think the cost isn't justified unless you do a lot of paper crafting. I didn't buy one for a long time and just bought punches of different shapes (with coupons too) until I felt I could afford the machine. Basically, it cuts different shapes of paper and fabric. If you do a Google search on "Cuttlebug" there are many different websites that show you what you can do with it. It's easy! And fun! And I'm glad I bought mine because I only mostly do crazy quilting with fabric and lots of paper crafts. I don't make big quilts anymore. A girl can only have so many quilts before it's time to call it quits! LOL!